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Rental Types
Rental Types
Bed & Breakfast
Those properties who actively call themselves a Bed & Breakfast, who serve a breakfast in a common area, and who are licensed by the county health department as a Bed & Breakfast.
Vacation Homes and Cabins
A single-family residence without an on-site management office, on a single lot owned by an individual. The vacation rental may be managed by a reservation service or an individual.
A condo is a residential building used for vacation rentals with common walls and may have a recreational area. The condo may be managed by a reservation service or an individual.
Hotel: A multistory building with common walls, that includes a commercial restaurant that is open to the public, may offer room service, and full banquet/meeting facilities. Rooms whose doors open into interior hallways.
Motels/Lodges: A facility with common walls which consist of motel rooms or suites on the same property. Must have on-site office and may include common recreational areas.
Resort Cabins/Cottages
A cluster of free standing, single residence rental units which may include an on-site management office. May have a recreational area.
A commercially permitted building with shared living accomodations. Guests can rent a bed, in a dormitory/bunkroom or a private room. Must provide access to a kitchen for guests to cook own meals.
Group Lodging
A commercial property where a group of 17 plus people can lodge together on one property. The property should have a common meeting facility/conference room.